UK PET Physics Group - Projects

PET Capacity Survey

Every site with a PET scanner in the UK should have received details of this survey, which is designed to capture the PET facilities available to the UK imaging community and what they are being used for. It is being conducted in collaboration with IPEM and BNMS and the survey is hosted online by BNMS. Responses are due by the end of November.

For more information, please contact Heather Williams (UK PET Physics Group) or Lucy Pike (NCRI PET Core Lab).

Brain PET image quality comparison study

The UK PET Physics Group have a Hoffman phantom, complete with 'skull', making its way around the country. It is currently in London but will be venturing further afield in the new year. The purpose of the tour is to assess the variations in FDG PET brain image quality and the potential for pooling data from different centres in, for example, the creation of normal templates to aid reporting. The tour is being organised by Jon Taylor (Sheffield) and is overseen by Heather Williams (Central Manchester), John Dickson (UCLH) and Will Hallett (Imanova). Data is being collated and analysed by Peter Julyan (Christie).

For more information, please contact Heather Williams; for details of the tour schedule, please e-mail Jon Taylor